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1920s Beaded Cap

This 1920s beaded cap is perfect for any formal or party dress needs! The vibrant colors and intricate stitching will make you stand out from the rest!

Top 10 1920s Beaded Cap

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1920s Beaded Cap Amazon

This 1920's beaded cap is a 7-ribboned, cravat-like garment made of beaded fabric and cloth. It is in a plus size style with high, beaded fringes that run the length of the dress. The dress is made to give it a flappers' look, with high-low wrinkles on the sides. 1920s beaded cap: this stylish dress is perfect for a 1920s day out or a weekend party. The flapper-style dress is beaded with beaded damasks, francesco, and periwinkle. It is made to give the appearance of a more classical-looking dress. It is usually clearanced for lower pricing prices. this 1920s beaded cap is a headpiece that would be perfect for a women who is looking to show her stylish side. The cap is black and has beadedrawn straps that give it a sophisticated look. It is a stylish piece that will make you look much more stylish than you actually are. The cap has colorful pearl beading on the top and a old-fashioned skull on the back. This is one of the most intricate and stylish caps that you will find.