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Alexandrite Beads

Looking for some vintage alexandrite beads? Check out our4mm glass beads! These beautiful beads are perfect for any purchase!

Natural Alexandrite Beads

If you're looking for natural and easy to wear beads, look no further than alexandrite. This small, but popular, brand offers a variety of bright colors and patterns that can be adapted to your needs. Their beads are made with only the highest quality materials and they will help make your life in general easier. What more can you ask for?

Alexandrite Bead

This 8mm violet purple alexandrite bead is a beautiful, white, amethyst like gemstone. It is in a small, 14" diameter, round bead. It has a small, marquetry set, and a few small, veins. The surface is smooth, with a few small, v-shaped nicks. The color is amethyst like, with a few small, d-shaped nicks. It is 15 strand, and has a weight of 2. this natural 2x4mm faceted purple alexandrite gemstone rondelle loose beads 15 inches is a beautiful, facetingly beautiful stone. It is a two-tone diamond, with the top part being purple while the bottom is black. It is a very zambian faceted purple gemstone, and is often used in diamond culling processes. this is a faceted 8mm rose purple alexandrite gemstone. It is a small, round, loose bead. They are 15. Variation: there is usually some variation in the color of these beads, due to the individualaimon gem that is used in the design of the stone. However, it is usually not found during the production of the stone. Most often, the variation comes when the stone is polished, as it becomes more difficult to keep the same color throughout the polishing process. For a faceless, purple alexandrite gemstone? look no further than these 15 strand alextrite beads. This gemstone is powerhouseclassical and is said to be very strong and durable. Beautifully designed and stylish, this necklace is perfect for air-heads or anyone looking for a powerful answer to their jewelry needs.