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Antique Amber Beads

Looking for a unique piece of jewelry? Look no further than the antiques! These 18 butterscotch antique amber beads are a perfect addition to your collection. With a 25 x 20 mm average, this necklace will be a perfect choice for anyone!

Amber Bead

In the spirit of discovery and open-mindedness, I decided to try some amber beads. the first time I kissed an amber bead, the lightbulb went off and I have never looked back. there is something about the way the bead feels in my mouth that makes me want to explore more. amber is a natural color for us because it is a light brown to black color. we use amber beads in all our jewelry and it is one of the most popular materials in our store. amber beads are a great addition to any jewelry design or use. if you are looking for a project or gift idea to add some lightness into your home, I suggest you check out our beadsr. Com and see what ideas you can find!

Beads Amber

This amber necklace is in 29 necklace necklaces. It has a butterscotch egg yolk setting and is blitzed with a bangle. The necklace has 42 bloodstream cups. these amber beads are a beautiful golden brown, and have a rich, dark brown color. They are very large and look great as part of a pendant or necklace. The 39g weight is perfect for a high-quality, durable necklace. The religious carved into the ends of the beads is sure to impress. these beads are in 71. 6 grams. They are antique natural amber butterscotch egg yolk prayer beads. They are set in a teal color. They are beautiful and beautiful. They are perfect for any religious or secular occasion. They are perfect for cathedral or museum items. the amber beads are vintage carved for a stylish look. The necklace is made of make of carved cherry red bakelite. The earrings are a matching set of amber earrings with a blue enameled cherry. The necklace is perfect for a sweet or special occasion.