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Bead Roller Dies For Harbor Freight

This excited looking die set is perfect for the harbor freight customer that needs a simple and efficient way todie new round-shaped bead rollerdie eastwood harbor freight. This die set is a great option for anyone who wants to buy a die set that can be used in their own store or shop.

Bead Roller Dies For Harbor Freight Target

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Bead Roller Dies For Harbor Freight Amazon

This 316 wide round bead roller die is for harbor freight and is available in 22mm for woodward fab eastwood harbor freight and eastwood harbor freight. this harbor freight bead roller die is for use with the harbor freight freighter 12 wide round bead roller. It is made of hard anodized aluminum and has a comfortable feel to it. The die has a standard 1/4 inch length and is available in black or white. the bead roller dies for harbor freight are a great choice for anyone looking for a good quality rollerdie. The die is also lightweight and easy to hold, making it a good choice for creating wider and more complex beads. Another great feature of this set is that they are also reversible, with the left-hand die being able to create wider beads while the right-hand die is more specific with more finesse. this harbor freight die is for use with the 516 wide round bead roller. It is22mm in diameter and has a black die set and black religious symbol on it. It is tooled with black serial number #16-064. This die is also tooled with the word "harbor freight" in black capital letters.