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Brass Lanyard Beads

This brass lanyard has three grooves and a free paracord lanyard. It is medium in weight and size. It is a great addition to your merchandising.

Brass Paracord Beads

Brass paracord beads can be a great way to add a bit of style to your wirelessly or even physically, if you feel like you're something of a classicist. They're also great for bulkier areas, like around your hand or ankle. the downside to these beads is that they can be quite brittle and can easily lose their shape and color over time. Compared to a regular paracord, at least these beads won't be worth their weight in gold.

Best Brass Lanyard Beads

This is a 2pcs of brass lanyard beads. It is a knife tool and beads bracelet necklace. It is perfect for clinch and knots. this is a brass lanyard bead necklace made of beads and paracord. It is perfect for wearing as a necklace or as a knife tool. The necklace can also be made into a pendant or hand-made from rare brass beads. these brass lanyard beads are a perfect addition to your costume or clothing. They have a byzantine-inspired brass finish and are made ofparacord. They are blackened for durability. It is made with in-line chrome-plated knife and is set with brass bracelets andzippo watch. It is a great collectible piece and is a great addition to any collection.