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Chevron Beads

This ecommerce has high-quality rare small chevron and murano trading beads mixed beads in multi color grass strand. You can find some best deals and offers on this one-stop shop!

Chevron Bead

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Chevron Trade Beads

These chevron trade beads are a great choice for isis or other ceremonial jewelry. They have a strong, durable design and are a great value. this item is a mix of large and small beads. It is an old world gemstone and textured necklace or earrings. These beads are in chinese chevron beads style. the chevron bead necklace has a natural gemstone round charm and a loose spacer bead. It is 4mm and 6mm sizes. this 4th series of our vintage chevron beads collection is designed for jewelry making and trade. The beads are a combination of large venetian glass chevron trade beads and small venetian glass chevron trade beads. They are ideal for incorporate into designs and figures in jewelry, or to use as a part of a custom jewelry design.