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Free Beads

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Beads Free Shipping

This medium brass lanyard has three grooves and is wrapped with a free paracord lanyard. It has a synthetic thimboose color and is perfect for wearing on a chain or belt. the new free beads lenses are different from the usual magnifying glasses lens. It has a stick-on lens which makes it more difficult to lose the lens. The free lenses also come with a microfiber towel which will help keep your sunglasses clean and free of dirt. the baltic amber free form nugget beads are a new and unique set of free form nuggets that were created to be mixable and use in all sorts of fragrances. They are a light-intage- upgrade your scent life with baltic amber free form nuggets. They are available in a weight of 50 carats mix bag, and can be used as a our 12 silver metal spacer beads are a great way to add a touch of elegance to your products. They are tiny little birds with silver metal spacer beads around their neck. They are a great addition to any product or gift. Order yours today and you'll have yourself a beautiful piece of jewelry.