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Glass Trade Beads

Trade beads with a focus on global trade. Our beads are made with natural materials and high quality. Enjoy your purchase!

Trade Beads

Trade beads are one of the most popular beads in the market today. They are affordable, easy to find, and can be used in a variety of ways. What kind of trade beads do you like to buy?

Vintage Trade Beads

This! This is what we are looking for! Vintage trade beads from the sunset medley handcrafted in ghana, used in african communities for centuries. This! This is what we are looking for! the cadiz spanish early contact trade bead necklace has a blue and orange necklace with trade beads and a rt. This necklace is a great addition to your jewelry collection. this is a pair of glass trade beads. They are rare and are made from antique venetian glass. They are a beautiful addition to your jewelry. the african 23 inch strand of glass trade beads is in the form of a dutch donut with côbalt in the center. It is set with annular dogon trade beads. They are a light in the light and dark in the dark. They are a copper color with a black contrast. They are a must-have in any collection of glass trade beads.