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Indian Trade Beads

These navajo indian trade beads are a large size and are made of navajoite, a blue-green tourmaline stone. The beads are at least 8 inches long and have a 1/2-inch wide hole in the center. The field is pettit facelet work with applied gold and silver. The necklace is finished with a gold-plated chain and a gold-platedbrooch.

Native American Beads

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Trade Beads Native American

This 1840s american trading beads article is about trade beads native american beads that are 10- years old original coyote canine teeth. It is about an ornamented with indian art on a natural color of fur. this old beads from india article is for the 10 pre-1600 cherokee indian drilled stone trade beads found judaculla rock nc. this authentic native american beads are from the bead industry and are 100% old world, cherokee indian trade beads. They are size 10 and are made with a very strong and durable metal. They are an excellent addition to any jewelry collection. this product is a native american trade beads. The beads are made of brass, and the design is inspired by the sioux breastplate. These beads are a great choice for any up-to-date fashion accessory.