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Letter Beads

Looking for a unique and stylish way to add a bit of color to your diy jewelry making? look no further than our alphabet letter beads! These seven colors are perfect for any piece of jewelry you might have in mind. Make your piece stand out and be sure to hit the1st page for more challenge choices! Our alphabet letter beads are a great way to add a touch of color and splendour to your up-do. Made from durable plastic, these official etsy 14k gold plated beads are easy to clean and come in all different colors. Serve as the perfect finishing touch to any outfit and will add a touch of elegance to your already stylish piece.

Metal Letter Beads

The world of fashion is a world of beauty. There's so much to see and do, and seeing the beauty in people is one of the most fulfilling things in life. when it comes to fashion, there's an equal measure of art and business. There's a great deal of creativity goes into making aught so when you see these beautiful metal letter beads, you'll be awe at the beauty of it all. the look is bright and burdened by weight, and there's a lot of precision and care put into it. The tips are chosen with care, and the thread is used with care to keep the beads tight and round. there's a great deal of thought and effort put into these metal letter beads, and it's clear that a lot of work has gone in to making them. The results are beautiful, and it's a story of how human beings can enjoy the beauty of the world at large.

Letter Beads For Bracelets

Our acrylic round letter beads are perfect for your hand-made jewelry making diy bracelet! They are made from 47mm acrylic and have a slightly textured surface making it easy to create achingly tall, requirements:- bracelet size: n/a- earings: n/a- climber: n/a- seconds: n/a- leftover: n/a- required: n/a- package: n/a- total: n/a this dollhouse alphabet with white and black acrylic cube is the perfect way to add personality to your home. The toy-inspiredcube is perfect for any toy box or toy room. The votes were: -Black acryliccube- this alexa from america was so happy with her new cube that she decided to post a message on social media about it! -Black acrylic alphabet letter a-z- this is the perfect alphabet letter box for any child's toy room or home. The black color is perfect for any color room. The votes were: -Black acrylic alphabet- these bead letters are perfect for any toy room or home! The black color is perfect for any color room and the acrylic make it look brand new! this is a 50 word alphabet beads product. This product is in white bulk form. This product is swag at wholesale prices. These beads are 50 letter beads, with "bead" in the word. This product is made of white beads, in a 7mm flat shape. The shape of the beads is designed to look like a pearl. The beads are assorted white, blue, brown, red, and green. The product is in a bag, with a 7mm flat shape, and assorted brown, green, and red beads. this is a set of 50 beads with letters and images. The beads are red square bulkwholesale assorted lot 8mm, and are in a saurii clearance box.