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Paper Bead Templates

Looking for a fun and easy to use stationery and paper bead kit? Lisa frank has got your covered! This kit comes with 18 stationery templates, 10 beading templates, and 10 paper bead templates. Plus, there are some great stamper tips included too!

Top 10 Paper Bead Templates

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Paper Bead Templates Ebay

If you're looking for a few different ways to add interest and personality to your paper walls, look no further than these paper bead templates. There're 10 different types of perler beads, all of which you can use to create unique designs. Plus, the bucket iron paper makes them very easy to create. the 5mm perler beads kit offers a variety of perler beads for use in your appliqué paintings. There are 20 colors and they can be vic- toric of the ironing paper you choose to dis- play them on. The kit comes with a 2 template and 1 clip. You can use them as is or use them to create more templates =). The kit also includes an ironing paper that can be used to personalize your paintings. the melty fuse bead kit - boy is a great way to create a unique pegboard look for your tech center or boy mec. The pegs are easily found here in the kit and you can personalize it for your needs. The kit includes 10 boneless, scissor-sweet 18kgold peg- boneless and scissor set. The boneless pegs are perfect for yourtech center or boy mec with a different look for your room. the 12 color 9000 beads box set diy kits provide you with everything you need to create your own paper bead templates! With this set, you'll get 12 colorful templates to help you create your own projects. Plus, you can save the look of your home décor with perler beads.