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Seed Bead Slide End Tubes

The seed bead slide end tubes are the perfect fit for your seed beads! They are made from durable silver tone material and slide easily over the end of your slide.

Seed Bead Slide End Tubes Walmart

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Seed Bead Slide End Tubes Amazon

The seed beads slide end tubes are fit for 110 miyuki seed beads and 10pcs silverfnst1575. They are made of durable metal and plastic. They come in two sizes: 15mm and 10pcs. this slide end tubes comes in silver color and have 15mm and 10pcs size. It is perfect for making production. the seed bead slide end tubes are perfect for filling oricles in gold tone seed beads. The tubes are options for size 110 and 80 seed beads. The tubes are fits size: 30mm, 20 pieces. this is a great slide on end tube for a modern or vintage look. It comes with two tubes to fit a variety of sizes and materials. Made from antique bronze, this tube is durable and easy to keep clean. It's a great addition to any collection. With their sleek design, these tubes make setting up your seed bead slides easy. The tubes are also lightweight and make it easy to work with, making them great for small spaces.