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Teardrop Beads

Theivorycolorbeads is a unique and exciting company that offers you the perfect answer to your fashion needs. With a focus on ivory color and glass pearl teardrop beads, this company has you covered. Get the teardrop beads you love find the colors you love and an empire on your body.

Crystal Teardrop Beads

Do you love crystal teardrops? if you do, then you are definitely in the right place! In this post, we will be discussing about how to make them with ease and comfort. First, you should have a think about what you would like to make them from. If you are looking for tiny pearl teardrops, you can do that too. However, if you are looking for a more serious look at crystal teardrops, you can try making them using materials like metal, plastic, or wood. if you are looking for a completely different type of look for your necklace, you can try using stones. If you are looking for a moreintage look for your necklace, you can try making them using materials like plastic, metal, or wood. in the end, everything you need is right here in this post. You don't need to worry about making them or about the perfect material to use. All you need is to be willing to try something and they will be working perfectly.

Glass Teardrop Beads

This set contains 15 czech glass aqua picasso faceted teardrop beads 8x5mm. They are a sets of glass teardrop beads in the form of a smile, with a czech checkered rugelian design. They are a beautiful, soft and shiny glass teardrop necklace with a comfortable shoulder strap. this is a clear glass teardrop beads set with mixed sizes colors. The faceted teardrop beads are made with a brilliant 58mm galaxy on one end and a 25mm sky on the other. These are a great add-on to your jewelry set. the czech frosted sea glass teardrop beads are a 50 czech frosted sea glass teardrop beads that are matted. The beads are 4x4mm in size and have a bright teeth. They areaqueous and non-toxic. They are made of silver and silver-plated with a black finish. They are hand-formed and hand-druid. these clear teardrop beads are 100% transparent acrylic lucite faceted briolette teardrop beads. They are perfect for wearing as a necklace or earring. The 100% transparent quality makes these beads perfect for off-the-bat prices.