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Vintage Czech Glass Beads

This estate-piece from czech glass is fashioned after the latest of the deco styles, with a small but commanding presence. The red dress shoes and emerald green dress jacket are a perfect finishing touch.

Vintage Czech Beads

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Czech Glass Beads Vintage

This czech glass beads lot offers 350 pieces faceted glass beads in a new, pristine condition. The beads are in the form of a v, with a nice, high-quality weight to them. They are light and airy, and look great on your clothing. this necklace is a cranberry red faceted bead necklace with vintage czech glass beads. The necklace is made with a single, faceted bead necklace and is set with a cranberrycolored necklace. The necklace is beautiful and would be perfect for a sweet tooth. this is a vintage czech glass bead piece in a clearardo cut estate piece. The piece is inmideating fashion with big up-and-down beads and green and red czech glass beads. The piece is made with old world beads and is a great addition to any home decor. this 4 oz. Glass beads is in great condition and has somemissing pieces. It is made of heavy brass with a natural finish. There are a few small dings in the design but they are only there for a moment and are not permanent. This glass beads is still very colorful and would make a great addition to your jewelry making collection.