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Western Beaded Necklace

This treska leather beaded necklace is a must-have piece in any western lifestyle. The braid of leather and jade on this piece is stunning. The braid is worked from side to side in a treska process, which gives the necklace a unique look. The necklace also includes a beading system that makes it easy to be different and unique.

Best Western Beaded Necklace

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Western Beaded Necklace Amazon

This is a western beaded necklace withaztec sun seed beadsurfer choker necklace turquoise western boho. The necklace is made with a sun seed beadsurfer chain and aaztec sun seed bead. This necklace is also made with a serape aztec sand dollar necklace. this beaded necklace is a must-have for any western girl's necklace. The turquoise is_set in beautiful beaded chains and bracelets around her chest, making her look like a boss. The necklace also has a "boho" vibe, as if you could see the origin of the necklace in the light. The necklace is made to provide a nice, warm layer to your outfit. this gothic looking beaded necklace is a great addition to your western outfit. The black cross bead necklace with black beads is a great choice for a stylish and functional necklace. The biker motorcycle style outfit would be complete without this necklace. this beautiful necklace is made with silver tone base desert western cactus shape pendant and multi color beaded necklace. The necklace is 1" in height and has a 2" width at the tips. The necklace is best suited for medium to long necks.