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Wood Bead Bracelet

This religious buddha bracelet is made of 10mm diameter wood and has an ornamented bangle andwarn bead. Thebracelet is set with a 15mm wide, tonal gold-filled sapphire eye as a clear window into the soul.

Stretchy Wood Bead Bracelet

Wooden Bead Bracelet

The wooden bead bracelet is such a unique and stylish way to show off your personality to everyone you meet. It is a great way to show that you're unique and a different type of person. You can wear it tomartine, a function wear, or even wear it as a thank you forleaving a positive impact on the world. if you're looking for more information on this style of bracelet, we've got you covered. Check out our blog post for detailed instructions.

Wood Beads Bracelet

This is a stem ( scientific empower) inspired jewelry. Made of natural, adhering wood beads in a double-layerbracelet, it is adjustable to fit any length. Thebraided layer of cloth and the adjustable choker liaises the bracelet to the natural body contours of the body, giving the availableusably long arm. The necklace has a quick-release choker chalotte and is straps with a single, adjustable, faux-gold clasp. this women's wooden bead bracelet is perfect for those with a 7 chakra life force. With its weekend-ready fit, this bracelet is a great choice for women who want to keep their peace and stay connected to the love regions. this handmade brown wood bead necklace has 10mm beads in a stretched bracelet design. The necklace is made with natural wood and is a comfortable to wear. This type of necklace is often used to necklace multiple colors or types of beads together. this wood beads rosarybracelet has 6mm 108 beads rosary bracelet in black. It is a buddha meditation wood prayer bracelet and is made from quality metals and plastics. It is a comfortable fit for the hand and is made to last.